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Next big idea in conservation? Harness the power of marketing


I was interviewed for the environmental website Mongabay.com on the potential for using marketing techniques to improve the way conservationists do outreach. In this piece I dwell on how marketing can offer a set of important tools to conservationists and on what can be improved in the way we do outreach (spoiler: there is LOTS)!… Read More

The failure of Fuleco


The Fifa World Cup host, Brazil, has been criticised for failing to make environmental policy changes it promised ahead of the championships. Even the Fifa mascot, Fuleco the armadillo, is under fire. The furry mascot, whose name combines the Portuguese words for football and ecology, is failing to promote the conservation of the latter.  In this piece in the… Read More

Marketing Webinar!

BEAC logo

A couple of weeks ago I gave a webinar entitled “The role of marketing and flagship species in mainstreaming biodiversity” at the invitation of the “Bird Education Alliance for Conservation“, a coalition of educators representing universities, bird observatories, local, state, and federal agencies, and environmental education and conservation groups. In this webinar I focused on some… Read More

Can ‘humanizing’ animals help conserve them?


Dumbo the lovable elephant, Baloo the easy-going bear or Timon the wisecracking meerkat – attributing human features and traits to fictional animals is not new. But can it help in the conservation of real species? In this article, me and other researchers share our views on the use of anthropomorphism in conservation. Read it here!

I still fucking love biodiversity


To celebrate the first anniversary of my biodiversity themed social media platform “I fucking love biodiversity” I wrote this blog post on conservation bytes reviewing some of the challenges of keeping this effort going! Have a read here! IFLB has now more than 17 500 fans across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and we are just getting… Read More



Last week was also the launch of the book “BioGrafias: Vidas de quem estuda a Vida”, for which I am one of the editors, a project that brings together 18 Portuguese biologist who share with the public the 35  most remarkable episodes of their careers. Spread across five continents these stories portray the wide range… Read More

Taking marketing for a spin


  Last week I was at Lisbon’s Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences (ISPA) to talk about the importance of marketing in conserving biodiversity. The talk was part of the seminar series for the new MSc course in Marine Conservation Biology. It was a great experience and a good chance to see my friend Ana Rita… Read More

We like to move it: The case of the Seychelles Flycatcher


Species translocations are often used as a management solution for species with small populations and restricted populations. This is almost always a very expensive solution and the economic case for pursuing it is rarely analysed. This was what me and colleagues from DICE and and the School of Economics, University of Kent tried to tackle in a neat… Read More

Just off the press!


In the last week or so I had to papers published on the use of conservation flagships. The first (see PDF here) dwells on the selection of conservation flagship species using bird conservation in Brazil. This was part of my PhD and hopes to connect some the dots in terms of building bridges between marketing… Read More

Smith Fellow!


I was one of the recipients of this year’s David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship! This Fellowship, given by the Society for Conservation Biology, seeks to support outstanding early-career scientists who are successful at linking conservation science and its application. I will receive two years of postdoctoral support and will be moving to the USA to… Read More