About me

I am a leader in applying social marketing theory and tools to address conservation challenges. My research focuses on the design and evaluation of behaviour change interventions to better manage natural resources, with current research projects across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

I always had an interest in nature and at 17 years old started working as an educator at Lisbon Zoo, in Portugal, my home country.

In 2013, I completed my PhD entitled “Advancing the flagship concept through conservation marketing”  one of  the first to combine marketing and conservation science. In 2014, I began a David H. Smith Research Fellowship, focusing on “Using social return on investment to evaluate and improve conservation outreach”, based at Johns Hopkins University and the NGO Rare. I am currently a Oxford Martin Fellow at the University of Oxford, part of the Oxford Martin Programme on the illegal Wildlife Trade, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at San Diego Zoo Global. I focus on the design and evaluation of different behaviour change interventions for consumers of illegally traded products around the world.

In 2016, I was recognized by the IUCN Commission of Education & Communication with their Young Professional Award and in 2017 by the Society for Conservation Biology, with their Early Career Conservationist Award. I am currently the Vice-President of the International Social Marketing Association, a board member of the European Social Marketing Association and a National Geographic Explorer.